Thursday, August 5, 2010

At the Cafe Twitterville

When we last left our party, @JosephLane and @Taby74 had just entered the Cafe Twitterville with important news. Some huge secret that no one knew about....something about @variantval ....but first.... they wanted to eat...

Who knew that eating there would be the biggest mistake they ever made?? Everyone ordered the various breakfast that struck their fancy and one by one they all passed out on their plates.

In the kitchen @badwebsites was laughing. "That was way too easy, stoopid fools!" He laughed, as he discarded his disguise and walked into the dining area to find his prize. He stared down at @variantval passed out in her waffles and whipped cream then leaned over and picked her up.

"Who's going to save you now, princess?" @Badsites says to @variantval, she does not move. Then out the door and into the stolen pick up truck he managed to obtain who the hell knows where?

While everyone was busy, passed out at the Cafe, an international plane full of strange people needed to make an emergency landing.

"Don't tell me anything about anything!" @Lindakennero shouts to the pilot. "I have to pee and there is no way I am using the toilet on this junker!"

@22DanielleM , a serial killer from Australia sits next to her partner @LukeRomyn and leans over saying to him, "Can you believe the nerve of that fucking Swede? Pulling the plane over to pee. She's lucky we're on vacation, otherwise I might just shoot her to put the world out of it's misery." @LukeRomyn glances at @22DanielleM and nods and smiles as if he was listening to her.

Once the plane is landed @Lindakennero opens the bay door and falls right out; "Damn I forgot the fucking stairs. I need to pee." She takes off running towards some buildings in the distance, and see a sign on one with a word she recognizes "Cafe". "Must pee!" She charges through the door and encounters a scene she's never witnessed before. She think Oh this must be an Amerikan custom, to sleep after a meal. So as not to be rude and wake anyone up from their dinner naps, she tip toes across the floor to the bathroom in the back.

Suddenly, @LindaKennero is grabbed from behind and someone yells in her ear, "Alright @badwebsites, we know you have @VariantVal, where is she?"

@LindaKennero reaches into her purse for her pepperspray and can only find bars of Plopp. In Sweetish she says, "Forhoppningsvis kommer de att vara for dum att see det ar godis"

The voice behind her says, "Stop speaking jibberish, @badwebsites , we know you can speak English!"

@Lindakennero raises one of her Plopp and says , "Vem fan ar @badwebsites?"

"Oh I know that's chocolate, she is trying to mislead us with chocolate!" @TheWritersDen proclaims!

"I'll just see about that chocolate," @BlokesLib says as he reaches for the strange new candy, he wonders if it will be as good, or possibly better than Tim Tams. Naw, that's crazy talk! @BlokesLib examines the candy bar and says, "Ahah!! She is speaking Sweetish!!"

@_peanut_ rolls her eyes and glares at @BlokesLib , "And just how the hell do you know this, huh?? You're multi-lingual as well as liberated now?"

@BlokesLib looks at @_peanut_ ,"Duh!! no, it says the candy is made in Sweden, so she is Sweetish. I bet she is nice too. Let go of her, you are scaring her I bet."

@LindaKennero looks around at everyone wondering why she always has to pick the places with crazy people. She thinks they were all playing asleep waiting for her to enter so they could steal her Plopp. Bastards!!

@TheWritersDen chimes in again and asks, "Do you think she speaks English? She's kind of cute." He smiles and winks at the sweetish chick.

@LindaKennero smiles back at @TheWritersDen , "Of course I speak English, duh.. now I have to pee! I had them land the plane so I could pee and right now I am going to pee on your floor if I don't have a place to pee."

@Taby74 works her way to the newcomer, wiping eggs off the side of her face wondering if her lipstick is okay? "Hello, sweetcheeks, welcome to America." She points to a red door marked with a stick figure woman, "There's the powder room, sweets, take your time and don't mind us. We have some things going on in this town and one of our girls has been kidnapped.. again.. 2nd time in 2 days. I wonder if she wore better shoes this time?" @Taby74 sees herself in the mirror on the wall and snarls her face.. "Crap, I need my sexpot red lipstick!" She grabs her bag and heads into the bathroom.

The Swede @Lindakennero is standing at the sink washing her hands, "Sometimes it feels best to pee."

"Better than sex, sometimes." @Taby74 says as she applies her sexpot red lipstick and both girls laugh at the joke. @Taby74 notices @Lindakennero admiring the sexpot lips and offers the lipstick to her. "Thank you, Americans are very nice people to share sexpot red lipstick." @Lindakennero applies the color and both ladies leave the restroom. (and yes they washed their hands...)

When the ladies re-enter the dining area, there are more people from the plane standing around. @LindaKennero recognises the couple from Australia who claim they are on vacation. They just look so shady. The woman looks like she has fallen down abandoned wells too many times. The man, well he just looks mean and big and crazy. @Lindakennero is glad for her ninja training and feels safe knowing she can super twist round house anyone standing in the room.

Sitting at a table by himself, is a dark haired, dark skinned man, Brazilian looking, with the confidence men from that area exude. @Taby74 is taken by this man, and sees that the tag on his underwear says @Beekeeper12. She applies another coat of sexpot red lipstick and makes her way to his table, "Well hello there. I'll be your waitress today, can I get you something to drink?" @Taby74 says to the man.

@Beekeeper12 glances up at the redhead before him, knowing she is no waitress. His eyes slowly drift down the length of her body taking in every curve. "You're looks, they please my eyes," He says with his sultry accent that sends tingles through @Taby74.

"Well dear, my curves, they can please more than your eyes if you catch my drift," She retorts, flashing her dazzling smile to the handsome man before her.

The bell on the door rings again, and in walks a rugged looking, handsome man. All of the women turn their heads as @dsmeek36 struts across the black and white tiled floor and announces, "The pilot says the plane is broken. We're going to be stuck here for a few days until someone can figure out how to get airplane parts to Twitterville. It's not on the maps you know." @dsmeek isn't bothered by this news. It will make it easier for him to keep his eye on the target. He was sent on this mission to confirm identity of persons wanted for a number of crimes internationally and to eradicate the problem if need be. Don't let his friendly exterior fool you though, inside he is a cold blooded killer.

In the back of the room at her booth @ggSpirit slides down, hoping he doesn't see her tucked away int he corner. How am I going to get out of here without being seen? She thinks to herself, trembling. She glances down to the baby in her arms, worried that he will see her, and he will know about the boy.

@Ndege simply watches the scene unfold before him, his spidey sense tingling. Something is wrong. He turns to @VariantVal to express his concern and that's when he notices her missing... again... dammit! He stand and makes the announcement that @Variantval is gone again!! "@Badwebsites must have spiked the food then taken her when we all passed out. Next time I won't miss shooting that bastard, I swear by it!" @ndege feels bad, because he promised @VariantVal that he would keep her safe and he failed her. He walks out the door followed by the mass of people behind him, and tries to determine which way they went this time... Surprisingly, they are still right in front of the Cafe as the truck stolen from who knows where wouldn't start. @Ndege scratches his head and smirks, "This will be easy." He pulls the gun from who knows where, as Kikois don't have pockets and aims the pistol at @Badwebsites just as he turns and sees everyone pouring out of the cafe.

At the sight of @ndege pulling his weapon, @dsmeek36 @22DanielleM and @LukeRomyn all pull theirs, pointing at each other, wondering who is going to shoot who. Everyone else hits the floor, except for @ggSpirit, who uses the opportunity to slip out the back door with her baby, unseen by anyone. @BlokesLib spills his TimTams onto the floor and cusses loudly, @Lindakenerro hands him a Plopp and they smile at each other. @_Peanut_ elbows @BlokesLib in the ribs for flirting and @Beekeeper12 pulls @Taby74 to the floor, his arm around her. @JosephLane grabs his toast and crawls under a table while @TheWritersDen stares at @Oceanchick99 who has been so quiet lately, he wonders if she is dead?

@Ndege glances over his shoulder and shouts, "Why the hell are all you people carrying guns?"

@Badwebsites slips out of the truck and begins to run towards a copse of trees.. "You'll never catch me!!" He laughs as he goes.

@Variantval falls out of the truck, almost as if she is drunk. Which wouldn't be surprising; and @Ndege goes to help her up... again... boy he's getting tired of this.

How the hell did @Badwebsites get into the cafe and steal @Variantval .. again... will @Ndege finally get fed up with all of this running around and go back to Germany or Kenya or someplace new? Will @dsmeek36, @22DanielleM and @LukeRomyn shoot each other, do the 2 aussie assassins even know who @dsmeek36 is?? Is his cover blown? Has @Taby74 finally met someone to buy he more sexpot red lipstick and pay her Ferrari payments?? What is going on with @Lindakennero and @BlokesLib aned what do Plopp and Tim Tams have to do with it?? And who else is on that plane?? stay tuned....