Thursday, August 5, 2010

At the Cafe Twitterville

When we last left our party, @JosephLane and @Taby74 had just entered the Cafe Twitterville with important news. Some huge secret that no one knew about....something about @variantval ....but first.... they wanted to eat...

Who knew that eating there would be the biggest mistake they ever made?? Everyone ordered the various breakfast that struck their fancy and one by one they all passed out on their plates.

In the kitchen @badwebsites was laughing. "That was way too easy, stoopid fools!" He laughed, as he discarded his disguise and walked into the dining area to find his prize. He stared down at @variantval passed out in her waffles and whipped cream then leaned over and picked her up.

"Who's going to save you now, princess?" @Badsites says to @variantval, she does not move. Then out the door and into the stolen pick up truck he managed to obtain who the hell knows where?

While everyone was busy, passed out at the Cafe, an international plane full of strange people needed to make an emergency landing.

"Don't tell me anything about anything!" @Lindakennero shouts to the pilot. "I have to pee and there is no way I am using the toilet on this junker!"

@22DanielleM , a serial killer from Australia sits next to her partner @LukeRomyn and leans over saying to him, "Can you believe the nerve of that fucking Swede? Pulling the plane over to pee. She's lucky we're on vacation, otherwise I might just shoot her to put the world out of it's misery." @LukeRomyn glances at @22DanielleM and nods and smiles as if he was listening to her.

Once the plane is landed @Lindakennero opens the bay door and falls right out; "Damn I forgot the fucking stairs. I need to pee." She takes off running towards some buildings in the distance, and see a sign on one with a word she recognizes "Cafe". "Must pee!" She charges through the door and encounters a scene she's never witnessed before. She think Oh this must be an Amerikan custom, to sleep after a meal. So as not to be rude and wake anyone up from their dinner naps, she tip toes across the floor to the bathroom in the back.

Suddenly, @LindaKennero is grabbed from behind and someone yells in her ear, "Alright @badwebsites, we know you have @VariantVal, where is she?"

@LindaKennero reaches into her purse for her pepperspray and can only find bars of Plopp. In Sweetish she says, "Forhoppningsvis kommer de att vara for dum att see det ar godis"

The voice behind her says, "Stop speaking jibberish, @badwebsites , we know you can speak English!"

@Lindakennero raises one of her Plopp and says , "Vem fan ar @badwebsites?"

"Oh I know that's chocolate, she is trying to mislead us with chocolate!" @TheWritersDen proclaims!

"I'll just see about that chocolate," @BlokesLib says as he reaches for the strange new candy, he wonders if it will be as good, or possibly better than Tim Tams. Naw, that's crazy talk! @BlokesLib examines the candy bar and says, "Ahah!! She is speaking Sweetish!!"

@_peanut_ rolls her eyes and glares at @BlokesLib , "And just how the hell do you know this, huh?? You're multi-lingual as well as liberated now?"

@BlokesLib looks at @_peanut_ ,"Duh!! no, it says the candy is made in Sweden, so she is Sweetish. I bet she is nice too. Let go of her, you are scaring her I bet."

@LindaKennero looks around at everyone wondering why she always has to pick the places with crazy people. She thinks they were all playing asleep waiting for her to enter so they could steal her Plopp. Bastards!!

@TheWritersDen chimes in again and asks, "Do you think she speaks English? She's kind of cute." He smiles and winks at the sweetish chick.

@LindaKennero smiles back at @TheWritersDen , "Of course I speak English, duh.. now I have to pee! I had them land the plane so I could pee and right now I am going to pee on your floor if I don't have a place to pee."

@Taby74 works her way to the newcomer, wiping eggs off the side of her face wondering if her lipstick is okay? "Hello, sweetcheeks, welcome to America." She points to a red door marked with a stick figure woman, "There's the powder room, sweets, take your time and don't mind us. We have some things going on in this town and one of our girls has been kidnapped.. again.. 2nd time in 2 days. I wonder if she wore better shoes this time?" @Taby74 sees herself in the mirror on the wall and snarls her face.. "Crap, I need my sexpot red lipstick!" She grabs her bag and heads into the bathroom.

The Swede @Lindakennero is standing at the sink washing her hands, "Sometimes it feels best to pee."

"Better than sex, sometimes." @Taby74 says as she applies her sexpot red lipstick and both girls laugh at the joke. @Taby74 notices @Lindakennero admiring the sexpot lips and offers the lipstick to her. "Thank you, Americans are very nice people to share sexpot red lipstick." @Lindakennero applies the color and both ladies leave the restroom. (and yes they washed their hands...)

When the ladies re-enter the dining area, there are more people from the plane standing around. @LindaKennero recognises the couple from Australia who claim they are on vacation. They just look so shady. The woman looks like she has fallen down abandoned wells too many times. The man, well he just looks mean and big and crazy. @Lindakennero is glad for her ninja training and feels safe knowing she can super twist round house anyone standing in the room.

Sitting at a table by himself, is a dark haired, dark skinned man, Brazilian looking, with the confidence men from that area exude. @Taby74 is taken by this man, and sees that the tag on his underwear says @Beekeeper12. She applies another coat of sexpot red lipstick and makes her way to his table, "Well hello there. I'll be your waitress today, can I get you something to drink?" @Taby74 says to the man.

@Beekeeper12 glances up at the redhead before him, knowing she is no waitress. His eyes slowly drift down the length of her body taking in every curve. "You're looks, they please my eyes," He says with his sultry accent that sends tingles through @Taby74.

"Well dear, my curves, they can please more than your eyes if you catch my drift," She retorts, flashing her dazzling smile to the handsome man before her.

The bell on the door rings again, and in walks a rugged looking, handsome man. All of the women turn their heads as @dsmeek36 struts across the black and white tiled floor and announces, "The pilot says the plane is broken. We're going to be stuck here for a few days until someone can figure out how to get airplane parts to Twitterville. It's not on the maps you know." @dsmeek isn't bothered by this news. It will make it easier for him to keep his eye on the target. He was sent on this mission to confirm identity of persons wanted for a number of crimes internationally and to eradicate the problem if need be. Don't let his friendly exterior fool you though, inside he is a cold blooded killer.

In the back of the room at her booth @ggSpirit slides down, hoping he doesn't see her tucked away int he corner. How am I going to get out of here without being seen? She thinks to herself, trembling. She glances down to the baby in her arms, worried that he will see her, and he will know about the boy.

@Ndege simply watches the scene unfold before him, his spidey sense tingling. Something is wrong. He turns to @VariantVal to express his concern and that's when he notices her missing... again... dammit! He stand and makes the announcement that @Variantval is gone again!! "@Badwebsites must have spiked the food then taken her when we all passed out. Next time I won't miss shooting that bastard, I swear by it!" @ndege feels bad, because he promised @VariantVal that he would keep her safe and he failed her. He walks out the door followed by the mass of people behind him, and tries to determine which way they went this time... Surprisingly, they are still right in front of the Cafe as the truck stolen from who knows where wouldn't start. @Ndege scratches his head and smirks, "This will be easy." He pulls the gun from who knows where, as Kikois don't have pockets and aims the pistol at @Badwebsites just as he turns and sees everyone pouring out of the cafe.

At the sight of @ndege pulling his weapon, @dsmeek36 @22DanielleM and @LukeRomyn all pull theirs, pointing at each other, wondering who is going to shoot who. Everyone else hits the floor, except for @ggSpirit, who uses the opportunity to slip out the back door with her baby, unseen by anyone. @BlokesLib spills his TimTams onto the floor and cusses loudly, @Lindakenerro hands him a Plopp and they smile at each other. @_Peanut_ elbows @BlokesLib in the ribs for flirting and @Beekeeper12 pulls @Taby74 to the floor, his arm around her. @JosephLane grabs his toast and crawls under a table while @TheWritersDen stares at @Oceanchick99 who has been so quiet lately, he wonders if she is dead?

@Ndege glances over his shoulder and shouts, "Why the hell are all you people carrying guns?"

@Badwebsites slips out of the truck and begins to run towards a copse of trees.. "You'll never catch me!!" He laughs as he goes.

@Variantval falls out of the truck, almost as if she is drunk. Which wouldn't be surprising; and @Ndege goes to help her up... again... boy he's getting tired of this.

How the hell did @Badwebsites get into the cafe and steal @Variantval .. again... will @Ndege finally get fed up with all of this running around and go back to Germany or Kenya or someplace new? Will @dsmeek36, @22DanielleM and @LukeRomyn shoot each other, do the 2 aussie assassins even know who @dsmeek36 is?? Is his cover blown? Has @Taby74 finally met someone to buy he more sexpot red lipstick and pay her Ferrari payments?? What is going on with @Lindakennero and @BlokesLib aned what do Plopp and Tim Tams have to do with it?? And who else is on that plane?? stay tuned....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shadowed Dreams

I close my eyes and think of you, smiling in the moonlight. We've known each other all our lives but have never met. Souls collide towards one union, forever in Love's embrace. I feel you near me, can smell your primal scent. I feel your lips at my ear, whispering promises of pleasure and release. My body quivers at your touch and I am under your command. Fingertips glide through my hair as you press your lips to the back of my neck, soft and warm. I cannot find the will to fight you, my desire burns. I am under your spell, pliable to your every whim. I try to pull away, but you will not allow this show of rebellion and firmly pull me back to you. Pinned against your body, I am once again contained. Flashes of lightening streak across the sky, I feel the electricity sizzle in the air, heightening my arousal. I gasp for breath as your hands transverse my body. I am unable to contain the energy flowing through me as I turn to press my lips to yours. I reach for you but there is nothing. I slowly open my eyes to the early morning light, my heart aching for you, longing to be near you again. Tonight my love, we shall meet again in the dream scape that is our secret place.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Night of and Day After

When we left... @Ndege had just rescued @VariantVal from the clutches of the evil @badwebsites: @JosephLane and @Taby74 were last seen cruising in her sexpot red Ferrari...

@Ndege pulls the black Mercedes sports coupe into @VariantVals driveway. They slide out of the leather seats and make their way up the flowered walk way to the door. "Oh damn!! My purse!! It's still back in the police cruiser. I don't have my keys." @Ndege smiles "I still have the key you gave me." He unlocks the door and they walk inside.

@VariantVal heads towards the stairs "I've really got to get cleaned up, look at me, I'm a mess."
"Go on and get washed up. I'll use the guest room down here and do the same then get some tea ready." @Ndege heads off towards the guest room.

"@Ndege?" He stops and looks toward her "Yes, love?" She smiles at him "I'm really glad you're here." She proceeds up the steps to her bedroom looking forward to a nice hot shower.

In the shower, the reality of the day begins to set in and @VariantVal cries silently while washing her hair and scrubbing mud off of places she didn't even know could get muddy. She didn't think she needed to exfoliate as the mud had probably done enough of that. When done, she towels off, adds a little Philip B Lovin' Leave In conditioner to her hair and combs it through. Wrapping herself in a short, silk, bright purple kimono, she looks at herself in the mirror, no make up, no sparkly glitter and takes a deep breath.

She opens her vanity drawer and looks for her hand cream. Busy at her task, she doesn't notice @Ndege come in, a clean, coral colored kioki wrapped at his waist. He walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her body, taking in the spicy scent of her Philip B Russian Amber shampoo and Chai Latte body wash. She leans back into him, pulling his arms tighter around her. Closing her eyes she enjoys the peace and serenity his strong arms offer. @Ndege leans his head down and kisses her on the right side of her neck and softly says in her ear "It's okay now, I won't let anything happen to you." @VariantVal turns in @Ndeges arms and presses her face against his chest, kissing him softly and putting her arms around him. "He said he would come back for me, what if he does??" @Ndege kisses the top of her head and says "Look at me, in my eyes." She turns her chin up, her blue eyes meeting his hazel eyes. "I won't leave you until @badwebsites is either caught or dead. I promise." Then he caresses the side of her face with his hand and pulls her into him, pressing his lips against her soft, full mouth. His hands transverse the curves of her body over the silk of her robe as hers travel up the curve of his spine. The passion grows the longer they kiss and explore each other's bodies with their hands. She feels an intense shot of excitement course through her as he pulls the belt of the robe, eager to have it out of his way. The robe falls open and he runs his hands up the front of her body, to her shoulders, aroused by the softness of her skin under his hands and slides the kimono down her naked body to the floor. Never breaking their embrace they begin making their way to the bedroom, she working the kioki from his waist then softly raking her nails along his back, loving the feel of his tanned skin. Having been denied her for so long and not wanting to waste another minute he picks her up and carries her to the bed and lays her out on the white Irish Lace duvet. Her already quickly beating heart picks up a pace as she feels the weight of his body pressing down on her. In a breathless voice she whispers "I've missed you so much, I need you, I need you right now." Softly, and as breathless and anxious as she, he says, "I'm here now and all yours." They kiss deeply and passionately, savoring the taste of each other. A soft moan escapes from her throat, and she knows this is where she is supposed to be, here with him........

Soft early morning light breaks through the white gauzy curtains hanging in her windows. @VariantVal slowly opens her eyes and feels @Ndege behind her, holding her pressed tightly against his form. His warmth enveloping her against the coolness of the room. She does not move, doesn't want to wake him as yesterday must have been as emotionally exhausting for him too. After all he was going to a shoot man for her, or was he going to shoot me?? Nah, that's silly. Closing her eyes, she smiles as she dozes off again in her lover's arms.

A while later she wakes to the sound of running water in the bathroom and slides out from under the white Egyptian cotton sheets and walks to the bathroom door. She watches him as he pours a cupful of her lavender bath salts into the steamy water, admiring his unclothed body. How could fate be so cruel, keeping him half a world away. She sighs and he turns to her and smiles "Good morning, Love. Thought we'd start our day with some relaxation. You up to a nice hot soak?" @VariantVal walks across the cool tiles to him, wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him. She gently slides her finger tips along his cheek, "Good morning, Darling. I am up for anything with you. Don't forget we have to meet everyone at the cafe in a bit though."

@VariantVal steps into the tub and submerges herself, @Ndege slips in after, and leans his back against her, the hot water working away sore muscles from the night before "I just want to keep you for myself a bit longer" he says as he rests his head back in the crook of her neck and caresses her smooth legs on either side of him. She wraps her arms around him, holding tight and kisses the side of his face. Both knowing they need this as the day will bring mass chaos.

At the Twitterville Cafe, everyone begins to show up. @BlokesLib and @_peanut_ are the first to arrive and pick a corner booth to sit in. Due to another argument the night before, they are not talking to each other. @BlokesLib peruses the menu knowing full well he is going to order waffles as always.

@reddywriter was on her way, walking into town when a blue Ford pick up truck pulls up along side. @TheWritersDen rolls down the window "Good Morning @reddywriter, are you headed to the cafe??" She smiles "Good morning, yes I am on my way there. I imagine there will be a lot to talk about. Plus I don't think @VariantVal knows @ggSpirit is back. " @TheWritersDen shakes his head, agreeing with her, "You're quite right, it is going to be a hell of a day. Why don't you let me give you a ride?" @TheWritersDen leans across the cab of the truck and opens the door for her. @reddywriter gets in and closes the door. "Thank you for stopping for me." @TheWritersDen smiles and says "No thanks needed, I am happy to." They show up at the cafe about ten minutes later and join @BlokesLib and @_Peanut_ at their table. @reddywriter orders coffee black and wheat toast with apple jelly. @TheWritersDen orders the same.

@nickolaswriter walks in the door equipped with his recorder and note pad. Every one's eyes widen at his presence. He says "This is probably the biggest news to hit this town ever. Did you think I would miss it??" He grabs the next table over from the already full corner booth.

Next to arrive is @oceanchick99 followed by @TomYhowe. She looks around upon entering her eyes stopping when she sees @BlokesLib in the corner. He looks up and smiles, she smiles back and heads to sit at the vacant table across from them. @_peanut_ sees the transaction and glares at @oceanchick99 then elbows @BlokesLib in the ribs. He furrows his brow at her and says "Damn, will you quit beating on me??" @_peanut_ rolls her eyes at him as if he is the stupidest man to walk the earth. @TomYhowe , ever the quiet one, slides into a booth of his own and stares out the window.

Out front of the cafe @Ndege and @VariantVal are parking the borrowed Mercedes. They still don't know who it belongs to, but know it needs to be fixed and returned. They step out of the car, @Ndege putting his hand on @VariantVal's lower back and they start walking towards the cafe door. That's when @VariantVal sees her. Her body stiffens and she sucks in a breath, not believing her eyes. Can it be??? @Ndege glances at her with a puzzled expression on his face, "What is it, Love?" @ggSpirit has reached the door as well and looks at @VariantVal wondering what is to come.

@VariantVal pauses, speechless, then blurts out "OMG is it really you??" @ggSpirit smiles "Yes, it's me. I'm back" @VariantVal runs the few feet between them and throws her arms around @ggSpirit. "OMG I can't believe it. OMG!! Where have you been??? I'm so glad to see you. But, damn girl you can't just go and leave like that without telling a sister anything!!" The two hug tighter. @ggSprit says "I know what happened yesterday and we all have a lot of work to do. We will have to catch up later. We have business to take care of first." @ggSpirit glances over at @Ndege, raises her eyebrows and grins, "And who is this??" @VariantVal blushes "Oh sorry for being rude, @ggSpirit, this is @Ndege. @Ndege this is my sister @ggSpirit." They pass nice to meet you pleasantries then head into the cafe.

@VariantVal is bombarded with questions, she holds up her hand and says "Let's just wait until everyone is here.

Next to arrive is Professor @RoboBoyGeek and @Nrtkulik. The little cafe begins to get very crowded as coffee and breakfast is served.

@ShadyMutton, @Me1956 , @gammawaif all show up together and crowd into the room.

@VariantVal looks around, puzzled "Where are @JosephLane and @Taby74??"

@oceanchick99 speaks up "We haven't seen them since they left the funeral parlor yesterday afternoon."


The bell on the door rings again as @JosephLane and @Taby74 enter, wearing the same clothes they had on the day before and both looking a little worse for the wear. @JosephLane stares back at everyone looking at them "It's not what you think, really. @Taby74 and I spent the night doing some investigating and found out a few things about this town and some very interesting facts. Let us get some coffee and something to eat and we'll tell you everything."

Will @VariantVal and @Ndege get to keep each other this time??? Is @TheWritersDen finally starting to notice @NatashaHollerup and see that she has feelings for him?? Was there something more to the smile that passed between @BlokesLib and @oceanchick99??? What did @JosephLane and @Taby74 uncover that will have everyone stunned?? We will have to see....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Police Farce

In the last episode, @VariantVal is arrested at the funeral home for @TheJohnMorrison's murder... everyone is gathered around confused and wondering what to do.

@Ndege pulls his cell phone out of who knows where, because there are no pockets on a kioki and immediately calls @VariantVal's attorney. His face grows very serious as he listens, eyebrows furrow in deep thought. Before he gets off the phone he glances down the road in the direction the police cruiser went. He turns towards the crowd and says " Did you people not know you have no police force in this town?? "

@oceanchick gasps and brings her hand to her mouth "Oh my God, this can't be?? then who was that man?? And where is he taking @VariantVal?? Does anyone have any chocolate?? I seriously need some chocholate!!" She sits down on the bench in front of the funeral parlor door, head in hands and weeps.

@BlokesLib walks over to where @oceanchick99 is and offers his TimTams and sit's next to her, popping one in his mouth as well. " Bloody hell, what just happened??"

@NatashaHollerup, leaning on the wall next to the bench glances at @BlokesLib and says, "What the hell do you think happened??? @VariantVal just got snatched right under our noses. She's gone!! I'd like a TimTam too please."

Brakes screech to a halt in the driveway. Everyone turns to see what the commotion is. @Taby74 raises the door on her sexpot red Ferarri and climbs over the console into the passenger seat and hollers to @Ndege "Well doll, are you just going to stand there or are we going to go after her??"

@JosephLane walks briskly to the car , " I have mad skillz when it comes to driving, I'll take the wheel. " Glancing at @Taby74 with a smirk on his face he says "Besides I've always wanted to drive your umm car." @JosephLane slides into the drivers seat grinning ear to ear as he glances at the dash with all it lights and blinky things.

@Ndege rolls his eyes at @JosephLane " You always gotta be the hero, and how do you know that you can drive better than I can?" @JosephLane responds " Dude, if this were an elephant, or a camel, hell, even a giraffe I'd totally let you drive. You live in the jungle, man. How many Ferarris have you driven??"

As @Ndege opens his mouth to protest @Taby74 cuts in, "Dollface, everyone knows about you and @VariantVal, I know you want to rush in to be her hero, but maybe @JosephLane is the best man for the job. Didn't you see that video of him getting away from PETA last week?? The man does have mad driving skillz." Giving @JosephLane a sly look she says " And you better not scratch my baby, or you'll have to pay."

@ggSpirit makes her way across the street hollering loudly and pushing a stroller " Are you guys just going to sit around fighting over who is going to drive or is someone going to take some action and save @VariantVal??"

@Ndege raises his eyebrows and notices the Mercedes sport coupe parked to his right. He grabs the handle and the door opens. "And look, some idiot left the keys in the ignition." He hops in and cranks the engine, thinking, I'm more of a Mercedes man anyways. At that he puts the car in gear, steers around the Ferrari and guns the engine hoping to follow the trail of the cruiser. Glancing in the rearview mirror he sees the Ferarri following behind.

The two sports cars race down the road at dangerous speeds, but will it be enough??

Several miles away, @VariantVal begins to ponder her circumstances. It dawns on her that Twitterville does not have any police and she has no idea where this ride is going to end. She looks to the front of the car and notices the man behind the wheel leering at her through the rearview mirror. " So, lemme guess, you aren't really a cop." @badwebsites laughs at her, which really ticks her off "Gee how'd you ever figure that one out??" @VariantVal shoots him a look in the mirror that blatantly says, asshole. " You know there will be people looking for me. You won't get too far. " @badwebsites laughs again " I don't need to go far precious and when you are finally found, they'll be burrying you along with @TheJohnMorrison's sparkly fancy pants. Before I kill you though, you and I are going to have a little fun. I really would have preferred you in pink, but the black will have to do. Then again, it all will come down to pink, won't it??" @VariantVal keeps her mouth shut, and tries to think of a way to escape. She stares out the window as a tears trickle down her cheeks, thank God for waterproof. She starts trying to pick herself up, because she will not be defeated, not this way.

@VariantVal's mind drifts off as she begins to think : Well hun, you could be in a worse predicament. He could have really been a cop and took you to the women's lock up. There you would be, dressed all pretty, surrounded by a bunch of butch lesbians. Then again you could probably convince them to leave you be. You do have your lipstick afterall.

A smile spreads across @VariantVal's face as she thinks about the lipsticks in her bag. If only she could get one out without @badwebsites noticing, especially in handcuffs. Turning sideways she reaches for her purse, yes got it!! She opens the flap and feels around, her fingers feeling the shape of everything they touch. Ah ha!! Pulling the lipstick into her hand, she slides the lid off, and winds the color all the way out. Breaking the color of the rod holding it on, she thinks, I'm so sorry little lipstick, but I need you for something else right now. With all the color removed, she turns the rod left sticking out of the container to the handcuffs. She unlocks first one side, then the other, a party trick she learned a long time ago.

Just as she was about to reach across the seat and grab @badwebsites in a choke hold, a black Mercesdes pulls up beside the cop car. The tint on the windows is too dark to see who is driving. The Mercedes rams the cop car, @badwebsites shouts "What the hell??" . @VariantVal is tossed against the door of the car, banging her head on the glass. She says to @badwebsites, " I warned you, you psycho!! This is it!! Do you want to kiss me goodbye now??"

The car is rammed again, this time sending it off the road, down an embankment and into a shallow pond. @badwebsites throws open his door at the same time as @VariantVal as she scrambles to get away. He grabs her by her blonde locks and jerks her back, pulling out a knife and holding it to her throat. She glances up the embankment and sees the Mercedes skid to a stop and is filled with joy when she sees @Ndege standing at the top, gun in hand. @badwebsites notices the gun as well and throws @VariantVal into the muddy pond and takes off running. As he scurries away he yells to her " This is not over precious. You and I will play."

@VariantVal gets up on her knees looking at her ruined clothes, covered in mud, and soaking wet. @Ndege makes his way down the embankment towards her as the Ferarri pulls to a stop on the road. @Taby74 and @JosephLane jump out of the car and call down " Is she alright??? Where did @badwebsites go??"

@Ndege reaches @VariantVal as she is trying to stand up. He grabs a hold of her hand to help her as she looks up at him, bright blue eyes standing out on a muddy face. @Ndege removes his jacket and places it over her shoulders wrapping his arm around her. "Come on" he says "Let's get out of here."

On the road @Taby74 waits for @Ndege and @VariantVal, anxious, knowing @VariantVal is going to be pissed her new shoes are ruined. When they reach the top @Taby74 looks @VariantVal over " Damn Honey, you look like you've been chasing pigs. Not really a good look on you. " @VariantVal replies, " Please, this is just like a spa day. Mud's good for the skin."

@Ndege puts @VariantVal into the Mercedes and climbs into the driver's side. "Thank you for coming after me. I'm grateful. I do have to ask one question though." @Ndege smiles at @VariantVal, "You didn't think I would let that man take you did you?? And you're welcome. You also know you can ask me anything." @VariantVal forces herself to look at @Ndege even though she doesn't want him to see her looking like this " Where'd the gun come from??? Is your kioki magic or something??? Where do you keep everything??" @Ndege puts the car in gear laughing "That's more than one question, love." @VariantVal gives @Ndege an oh no you did not just go there look "Seriously, where do you keep everything?? Wallet, keys, cell phone, and umm" a quizzical expression crosses her muddy face, " and umm your gun??" @Ndege just grins at her "let's go home."

Who is @badwebsites??? Why did he take @VariantVal?? What will happen now that everyone knows @ggSpirit is back??? Did @oceanchick99 and @BlokesLib make a connection over TimTams??? How will @_peanut_ react?? Where did @Taby74 and @JosephLane go after the rescue??? And where the heck does @Ndege keep his things????

Friday, October 23, 2009

Death, Life and Jail

@VariantVal was getting ready to go to @JohnMorrison 's funeral. @Taby74 , @oceanchick99, @NatashaHollerup and @_peanut_ had all rushed over as soon as they heard the news. Adjusting her wide brimmed black hat, @VariantVal looks in the mirror "At least there is something good about funerals, we all look good in black, get to wear hats and @Taby74, you might just meet somebody."

@Taby74 sits back in the lounge chair, compact in hand , putting on more sexpot red lipstick "Oh honey, this is not date night. You just lost your man. How could I possibly even think about hooking up when you're in so much pain?"

@oceanchick99 steps up to the mirror, glazing a bit of mascara on her lashes "@Taby74 , you could pick a man up anywhere! Besides @VariantVal never loved @TheJohnMorrison, you know she loves someone else. Maybe with Mr. Sparklebutt out of the way, she can have what she deserves."

@NatashaHollerup leans against the wall and rolls her eyes , "You guys are all drama, you know. So who is it that you love so much @VariantVal??"

@VariantVal flashes a smile to @NatashaHollerup "Somebody so wonderful this world be lost if it were he that was on that plane."

@_peanut_ stretches out on top of the bed, thumbing through the latest issue of Tweet Fashion, jealousy brewing inside "Why does it even matter?? @TheJohnMorrison is gone, dead, kaput. I have real problems going on with @BlokesLib. Not as if any of you would understand. If @BlokesLib had been on that plane all my problems would be solved."

@Taby74, @oceanchick99, @NatashaHollerup and @VariantVal look at eachother, expressions reflecting the nut job comment @_peanut_ just made. @VariantVal snatches the magazine from @_peanut_ "You know, @BlokesLib is not such a bad guy. You should be thankful you have someone who is there for you when you get home from collecting your bugs. All I have left to bury of @TheJohnMorrison is this pair of bedazzled pants and a pair of rhinestone sunglasses he left and a heart full of love for somebody I can't have. So don't even..."

@oceanchick99 gently grabs @VariantVal by the arm and glares at @_peanut_ "Common hun, don't go getting yourself all worked up. You'll ruin your make up. It's time to go, the limo is waiting."

The girls proceed down the stairs, out the door and into the car to be carried to the funeral home. the Twitterville Cafe.. @JosephLane @TheWritersDen @BlokesLib and @Ndege are grabbing a quick bite before the service..

"With @TheJohnMorrison out of the way, I have a better chance with @VariantVal. I want to marry her so much. Damn she is so hot. How could anyone not want her?? I can't believe I've already offered up 14 cows and still no cigar!!" @TheWritersDen takes a sip of his tea shaking his head.

@Ndege glances to @TheWritersDen a slight smirk on his face "You do realize that she is a Daddy's girl. He will not let her go that easy and neither would I.... if I were him, that is."

@BlokesLib sits eating a fairly large Belgium waffle with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, "You know, if us men were smart at all, we would not even bother with women. Who needs them anyways. All they do is nag, nag nag. Oh and buy shoes. What is with all the shoes?? You only have two feet woman!!

@JosephLane takes a pull on his coffee, "What the hell are you talking about, man??? Not even bother with women??? Are you outta your skull?? I like you cats and all that, but no way am I warming up with any of you on a cold night." But then again.... "everyone wang chung tonight"

@Ndege glances at his watch, "We've got to leave now if we're going to make the service." He stands and puts his suit jacket on. "I really hate these things."

@JosephLane laughs "At least @VariantVal won't be offended with you showing up in your kioki."

@Ndege gives @JosephLane an exasperated look "What?? At least I wore my funeral kioki. It's black and grey, goes with the mood."

The men all leave the cafe without noticing the single lady sitting in the back with her baby. @ggSpirit didn't know if she should show up at the funeral service. It's been too long. She remebers back to the days when she and @VariantVal were close friends. She didn't want to cause @VariantVal anymore grief, but damn she loved @TheJohnMorrison's sparkley pants too. What girl didn't??

Everyone gathers at the entrance of the funeral home as @collective_soul entertains from the lobby......

Sherriff @badwebsites walks up to @VariantVal... "Oh Sherriff @badwebsites thank you for coming" Sherriff @badwebsites adjusts his gun belt nervously " Uh Miss @VariantVal , I am here on business. I'm afraid I am going to have to take you in" @VariantVal goes pale " Wha...what for?? I haven't done anything"

Sherriff @badwebsites turn @VariantVal around and slaps the cuffs on her " @VariantVal you are under arrest for the homicide of @TheJohnMorrison. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one, one will be supplied for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you??" A tear trickles down @VariantVal's cheeck " I guess."

@Ndege pushes his way through the crowd and walks up to @VariantVal "Don't worry, love. We'll figure this all out. Just don't say anything to anybody. I'll get your lawyer." He stares at her with concern in his eyes.

@VariantVal stares back at @Ndege scared and confused. As Sherriff @badwebsites leads her to the car she begins to sob. Thank God for waterproof!! "I didn't do this Sherriff @badwebsites. You know me, how could anyone think I did this??"

@TheWritersDen stands in the crowd next to @JosephLane and @BlokesLib " And to think I almost wasted all my cows on a jailbird." Thats when he notices her staring at him. A pretty red haired lovely, eyes trained on him. When he looks her way she glances down, caught in the passion stare. @TheWritersDen feels heat building from within.

@JosephLane elbows @TheWritersDen " HAHA man, you were all over a murderess!! Just think you could have been next!! Glad you didn't lose your cows now aren't you??"

@Blokeslib laughs along in the banter " damn if only it had been @_peanut_ then all my problems would have been solved."

Amongst all the chattering in the crowd @_peanut_ stares after @VariantVal with a smirk on her face. She says to herself " I always knew you'd get what you deserve" and gigles softly so no one else can hear.

The only person who notices is standing on the outskirts of the crowd. @ggSpirit watches as @VariantVal is hauled away in the back of a police cruiser in handcuffs. She then turns her attention to @_peanut_ wondering what that bitch was up to.......

@Ndege watches as the police cruiser disappears down the road... thinking to himself: How did they find out so soon?? And what the hell led them to @VariantVal??? Something is just not right here. He looks around at the crowd of people standing there and wonders who would want @VariantVal out of the way???

Will @VariantVal go to jail forever for the murder of @TheJohnMorrison?? or will @Ndege rescue her?? What evidence did the authorities have to arrest her??? Did @_peanut_ set her up??? Will @ggSpirit uncover the facts??? Keep watching.......

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Plane Crash

It's the middle of the night and @TheJohnMorrison is sleeping comfortably in the private jet taking him to China for the last minute International Championship wrestling match. He only felt a momentary feeling of guilt leaving @VariantVal like he did. Does he not realize how much she loves his sparkles??? Does he not care??? At least he has a shot of beating the Chinese Chopstick Midget this weekend. He was feeling confident, even as he stepped on the plane. Man, he hated to fly.

Somewhere over Siberia, the plane engines begin to get iced up. The pilot flips the switch for the auto-defrost, but it does not seem to be working. He calls for the steward, (umm yeah no way you're getting a hot stewardess on this plane crash) Pauly G goes traipsing up the aisle, glancing at the sleeping @TheJohnMorrison: mmmmm Pauly G loves sparkles too.

The pilot tells Pauly G to make sure everyone is strapped in well. That they are going to have to make a crash landing. Pauly G runs back through the cabin, freaking out, he accidentally trips on one of the aisle seats and falls right on top of @TheJohnMorrison. Pauly G giggles and says... "well if I have to die, this is the way to go."

@TheJohnMorrison is still not fully awake and doesn't really know what's going on yet. Then he feels the plane's inertia as it plunges into the side of the Altai Mountain. If the area were not so desolate and unpopulated, someone might have seen the plane go down. Someone might have seen the smoke and flames burning off the side of the mountain.

The next morning @VariantVal wakes up at 11:00 am (way too early) with a feeling of dread washing over her. She sees the newspaper, Hildy the maid left for her on the foot of the bed and gasps loudly when she reads the headlines.....

@VariantVal sits, stunned not really knowing how she feels about this new development. Perhaps hoping that he will realize how wrong he was and will come back from the dead if he does.

That Evening....

Evening came quietly on the tiny little town of Twitterville. Quietly, except in one little corner of DM City where @_peanut_ was letting her boyfriend @BlokesLib have it for his lazy day of doing nothing around the house. "All you do is eat TimTams and drag your hairy knuckles around on the ground!! I am so sick of this @BlokesLib!! " @_peanut_ is even more infuriated by @BlokesLib 's response " I have to spend my time on my beanie collection, dear. You know how important they are to me!! I only have 146, if I don't collect at least 43 more by Sunday, we're doomed!! Everything I do is for you @_peanut_ , I swear!!"

"You are useless!!! What am I going to do??? I work so hard counting bugs, picking them ever so carefully out of the specimen jars, do you not remember how many years I went to school to get this dream job??? Do you not even realize the Lethocerus and Abedus count is way below normal?? We have an environmental disaster on our hands!!! I know this is all PETA's fault too, they've completely stopped the hunting of Horny Toads in the area, now they are eating all the bugs. What do you think they are going to eat when the bugs are gone?? Are your beanies going to save us??? Save the world???"

@BlokesLib pops a couple TimTams and says, with his mouth full, " I really don't appreciate you knocking the beanies, love. They are my very favorite thing in the world!! I know you want me to just hang around the house waiting for you in these bedazzled, sparkly fancy pants. But I just can't do it, love. You want to be @VariantVal so damn much, you make me dress up like @TheJohnMorrison. I'm through with this I tell ya!! Done!! I AM A LIBERATED MAN YOU KNOW!!" with this @BlokesLib grabs his box of TimTams and storms off to the bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

@_peanut_ sighs, shaking her head wondering what she is doing here. She glances out the living room window. Was that movement she saw in the bushes?? She runs to the front door and throws it open and is confronted by @badwebsites dressed in his Sheriff's uniform.

"Howdy, Ma'am, didn't mean to rattle your cage there. We had a report of a peeping @TomYHowe in the area and I was just checking it out. You haven't seen anyone have you??"

"Sheriff @badwebsites, the only one I've seen stalking around my damn yard is you!! I thought you people needed a warrant or something for that?? You can't just go tresspassing like that without telling someone!" @_peanut_ says with more than a bit of frustration in her voice.

"Well Miss @_Peanut_ , like I said, didn't mean to startle you. Just tryin to keep ya safe . If you see anything you be sure to give us a call, ya hear?"

"Sheriff @badwebsites , did you just wink at me?? " @_peanut_ gives Sheriff @badwesites a shy smile.

"Miss @_peanut, you know that wouldn't be a good thing to do while on duty. I'll be seeing you"

"Night Sheriff."

Meanwhile at the bus station across town, the 7:00 from Idaho is pulling in for it's refuel stop. People pile off the bus in droves to stretch their legs before having to get back on for the rest of their journey. All but one long lost lady of Twitterville.

@ggSpirit gets off the last step and takes a look around. She knew she would end up back in her home town, but not like this. Bundling her baby against the cool night air, she heads to the side of the bus to collect her one lone bag. The same bag she left town with several years back. She wondered if all of her old friends and family would be happy to see her or would they turn away???

She would begin to sort through the mess she left behind tomorrow. Tonight all she wanted was a good nights sleep, and not feel the fear she felt from THAT man. When he was around she could never sleep, he always set her nerves on edge. She leans her head down and gently kisses the baby's forehead "It's just you and me kid, but we're going to be okay, you'll see. Mama promises." She holds back the tears forming in her eyes and heads down the street towards the Twitterville Inn.

At the local college, @NatashaHollerup is sitting in the library studying for her writing class. "I've just got to pass this test tomorrow" she whispers to herself. She always pushes herself to be the best, to get the best grades, have the trendiest hair. Her thoughts keep drifting to that handsome face she can never seem to get out of her. She sighs, "focus here girl, and not on him. He doesn't even know you exist." She fights back the sadness that seems to be around more and more lately and goes back to reading.

Hanging out at the card catalog, heartthrob Professor @RoboBoyGeek is chatting up a cute little co-ed about robotics. His eyes keep drifting to the dark haired beauty sitting at the 2nd table studying. He excuses himself from his companion and struts over to @NatashaHollerup's table.
"Hello there, you look like you are having some difficulty ." He sits in the chair next to @NatashaHollerup, he can smell the sweet scent of her perfume and feels a hint of excitement.

@NatashaHollerup's face scrunches up remembering the rumors she has heard about Professor @RoboBoyGeek. She knows he is an international genius in the field of robotics and also an international playboy, so they say. She knows what it is he wants. A small part of her enjoys the attention, but she could never betray the one she loves, even if he doesn't love her back. "No Professor @RoboBoyGeek, I'm doing fine here. Just mulling over some things." Professor @RoboBoyGeek places his hand on @NatashaHollerup's shoulder and leans in close to her ear, @NatashaHollerup tried to lean away, but his hand holds her in place. "Okay sweetheart, but if you need help with anything, and I do mean anything, you just let me know." With that he gets up from the chair and walks to the door, pausing to wink @NatatshaHollerup. She rolls her eyes in return thinking, yeah right.

By 7:00 @VariantVal is ready, matching purple eye shadow, dress and shoes. All perfectly Sparkly in just the right spots. Her cell blares again, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me, don't ya" , "I've really gotta change that tune". Looking at the screen she is filled with excitement, it's @TheJohnMorrison , he must be waiting for her downstairs. She grabs her perfectly matched handbag and starts for the stairs as she flips open her phone. "Hello?" She always pretends like she doesn't know who's calling. "Hey Baby, it's me. Listen, Baby, I can't make it tonight. I had an urgent wrestling match come up, it's for the International Championship. I can't pass this up, Baby. I'm on my way to China right now. I love you babe, really I do. Talk to you when I get back."

@VariantVal sits on the end of the bed and let's the tears roll down her cheeks. Thank God for waterproof!! .........................

This concludes the evening session, let's recap.... Will @_peanut_ and @BlokesLib ever find a way to get together??? Is he really liberated??? What brought @ggSpirit back to town after all these years after vowing never to return?? And who is it that scares her so much??? Did anyone know she had a baby?? Why was Sheriff @badwebsites lurking around the house by the window??? Will @NatashaHollerup get her man?? Or will she surrender to the charms of Professor @RoboBoyGeek??? Is @TheJohnMorrison really on his way to the International Championship?? How can he be such a jerk and leave @VariantVal crying in her room???Will she ever be saved???