Thursday, October 22, 2009

Plane Crash

It's the middle of the night and @TheJohnMorrison is sleeping comfortably in the private jet taking him to China for the last minute International Championship wrestling match. He only felt a momentary feeling of guilt leaving @VariantVal like he did. Does he not realize how much she loves his sparkles??? Does he not care??? At least he has a shot of beating the Chinese Chopstick Midget this weekend. He was feeling confident, even as he stepped on the plane. Man, he hated to fly.

Somewhere over Siberia, the plane engines begin to get iced up. The pilot flips the switch for the auto-defrost, but it does not seem to be working. He calls for the steward, (umm yeah no way you're getting a hot stewardess on this plane crash) Pauly G goes traipsing up the aisle, glancing at the sleeping @TheJohnMorrison: mmmmm Pauly G loves sparkles too.

The pilot tells Pauly G to make sure everyone is strapped in well. That they are going to have to make a crash landing. Pauly G runs back through the cabin, freaking out, he accidentally trips on one of the aisle seats and falls right on top of @TheJohnMorrison. Pauly G giggles and says... "well if I have to die, this is the way to go."

@TheJohnMorrison is still not fully awake and doesn't really know what's going on yet. Then he feels the plane's inertia as it plunges into the side of the Altai Mountain. If the area were not so desolate and unpopulated, someone might have seen the plane go down. Someone might have seen the smoke and flames burning off the side of the mountain.

The next morning @VariantVal wakes up at 11:00 am (way too early) with a feeling of dread washing over her. She sees the newspaper, Hildy the maid left for her on the foot of the bed and gasps loudly when she reads the headlines.....

@VariantVal sits, stunned not really knowing how she feels about this new development. Perhaps hoping that he will realize how wrong he was and will come back from the dead if he does.


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