Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Night of and Day After

When we left... @Ndege had just rescued @VariantVal from the clutches of the evil @badwebsites: @JosephLane and @Taby74 were last seen cruising in her sexpot red Ferrari...

@Ndege pulls the black Mercedes sports coupe into @VariantVals driveway. They slide out of the leather seats and make their way up the flowered walk way to the door. "Oh damn!! My purse!! It's still back in the police cruiser. I don't have my keys." @Ndege smiles "I still have the key you gave me." He unlocks the door and they walk inside.

@VariantVal heads towards the stairs "I've really got to get cleaned up, look at me, I'm a mess."
"Go on and get washed up. I'll use the guest room down here and do the same then get some tea ready." @Ndege heads off towards the guest room.

"@Ndege?" He stops and looks toward her "Yes, love?" She smiles at him "I'm really glad you're here." She proceeds up the steps to her bedroom looking forward to a nice hot shower.

In the shower, the reality of the day begins to set in and @VariantVal cries silently while washing her hair and scrubbing mud off of places she didn't even know could get muddy. She didn't think she needed to exfoliate as the mud had probably done enough of that. When done, she towels off, adds a little Philip B Lovin' Leave In conditioner to her hair and combs it through. Wrapping herself in a short, silk, bright purple kimono, she looks at herself in the mirror, no make up, no sparkly glitter and takes a deep breath.

She opens her vanity drawer and looks for her hand cream. Busy at her task, she doesn't notice @Ndege come in, a clean, coral colored kioki wrapped at his waist. He walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her body, taking in the spicy scent of her Philip B Russian Amber shampoo and Chai Latte body wash. She leans back into him, pulling his arms tighter around her. Closing her eyes she enjoys the peace and serenity his strong arms offer. @Ndege leans his head down and kisses her on the right side of her neck and softly says in her ear "It's okay now, I won't let anything happen to you." @VariantVal turns in @Ndeges arms and presses her face against his chest, kissing him softly and putting her arms around him. "He said he would come back for me, what if he does??" @Ndege kisses the top of her head and says "Look at me, in my eyes." She turns her chin up, her blue eyes meeting his hazel eyes. "I won't leave you until @badwebsites is either caught or dead. I promise." Then he caresses the side of her face with his hand and pulls her into him, pressing his lips against her soft, full mouth. His hands transverse the curves of her body over the silk of her robe as hers travel up the curve of his spine. The passion grows the longer they kiss and explore each other's bodies with their hands. She feels an intense shot of excitement course through her as he pulls the belt of the robe, eager to have it out of his way. The robe falls open and he runs his hands up the front of her body, to her shoulders, aroused by the softness of her skin under his hands and slides the kimono down her naked body to the floor. Never breaking their embrace they begin making their way to the bedroom, she working the kioki from his waist then softly raking her nails along his back, loving the feel of his tanned skin. Having been denied her for so long and not wanting to waste another minute he picks her up and carries her to the bed and lays her out on the white Irish Lace duvet. Her already quickly beating heart picks up a pace as she feels the weight of his body pressing down on her. In a breathless voice she whispers "I've missed you so much, I need you, I need you right now." Softly, and as breathless and anxious as she, he says, "I'm here now and all yours." They kiss deeply and passionately, savoring the taste of each other. A soft moan escapes from her throat, and she knows this is where she is supposed to be, here with him........

Soft early morning light breaks through the white gauzy curtains hanging in her windows. @VariantVal slowly opens her eyes and feels @Ndege behind her, holding her pressed tightly against his form. His warmth enveloping her against the coolness of the room. She does not move, doesn't want to wake him as yesterday must have been as emotionally exhausting for him too. After all he was going to a shoot man for her, or was he going to shoot me?? Nah, that's silly. Closing her eyes, she smiles as she dozes off again in her lover's arms.

A while later she wakes to the sound of running water in the bathroom and slides out from under the white Egyptian cotton sheets and walks to the bathroom door. She watches him as he pours a cupful of her lavender bath salts into the steamy water, admiring his unclothed body. How could fate be so cruel, keeping him half a world away. She sighs and he turns to her and smiles "Good morning, Love. Thought we'd start our day with some relaxation. You up to a nice hot soak?" @VariantVal walks across the cool tiles to him, wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him. She gently slides her finger tips along his cheek, "Good morning, Darling. I am up for anything with you. Don't forget we have to meet everyone at the cafe in a bit though."

@VariantVal steps into the tub and submerges herself, @Ndege slips in after, and leans his back against her, the hot water working away sore muscles from the night before "I just want to keep you for myself a bit longer" he says as he rests his head back in the crook of her neck and caresses her smooth legs on either side of him. She wraps her arms around him, holding tight and kisses the side of his face. Both knowing they need this as the day will bring mass chaos.

At the Twitterville Cafe, everyone begins to show up. @BlokesLib and @_peanut_ are the first to arrive and pick a corner booth to sit in. Due to another argument the night before, they are not talking to each other. @BlokesLib peruses the menu knowing full well he is going to order waffles as always.

@reddywriter was on her way, walking into town when a blue Ford pick up truck pulls up along side. @TheWritersDen rolls down the window "Good Morning @reddywriter, are you headed to the cafe??" She smiles "Good morning, yes I am on my way there. I imagine there will be a lot to talk about. Plus I don't think @VariantVal knows @ggSpirit is back. " @TheWritersDen shakes his head, agreeing with her, "You're quite right, it is going to be a hell of a day. Why don't you let me give you a ride?" @TheWritersDen leans across the cab of the truck and opens the door for her. @reddywriter gets in and closes the door. "Thank you for stopping for me." @TheWritersDen smiles and says "No thanks needed, I am happy to." They show up at the cafe about ten minutes later and join @BlokesLib and @_Peanut_ at their table. @reddywriter orders coffee black and wheat toast with apple jelly. @TheWritersDen orders the same.

@nickolaswriter walks in the door equipped with his recorder and note pad. Every one's eyes widen at his presence. He says "This is probably the biggest news to hit this town ever. Did you think I would miss it??" He grabs the next table over from the already full corner booth.

Next to arrive is @oceanchick99 followed by @TomYhowe. She looks around upon entering her eyes stopping when she sees @BlokesLib in the corner. He looks up and smiles, she smiles back and heads to sit at the vacant table across from them. @_peanut_ sees the transaction and glares at @oceanchick99 then elbows @BlokesLib in the ribs. He furrows his brow at her and says "Damn, will you quit beating on me??" @_peanut_ rolls her eyes at him as if he is the stupidest man to walk the earth. @TomYhowe , ever the quiet one, slides into a booth of his own and stares out the window.

Out front of the cafe @Ndege and @VariantVal are parking the borrowed Mercedes. They still don't know who it belongs to, but know it needs to be fixed and returned. They step out of the car, @Ndege putting his hand on @VariantVal's lower back and they start walking towards the cafe door. That's when @VariantVal sees her. Her body stiffens and she sucks in a breath, not believing her eyes. Can it be??? @Ndege glances at her with a puzzled expression on his face, "What is it, Love?" @ggSpirit has reached the door as well and looks at @VariantVal wondering what is to come.

@VariantVal pauses, speechless, then blurts out "OMG is it really you??" @ggSpirit smiles "Yes, it's me. I'm back" @VariantVal runs the few feet between them and throws her arms around @ggSpirit. "OMG I can't believe it. OMG!! Where have you been??? I'm so glad to see you. But, damn girl you can't just go and leave like that without telling a sister anything!!" The two hug tighter. @ggSprit says "I know what happened yesterday and we all have a lot of work to do. We will have to catch up later. We have business to take care of first." @ggSpirit glances over at @Ndege, raises her eyebrows and grins, "And who is this??" @VariantVal blushes "Oh sorry for being rude, @ggSpirit, this is @Ndege. @Ndege this is my sister @ggSpirit." They pass nice to meet you pleasantries then head into the cafe.

@VariantVal is bombarded with questions, she holds up her hand and says "Let's just wait until everyone is here.

Next to arrive is Professor @RoboBoyGeek and @Nrtkulik. The little cafe begins to get very crowded as coffee and breakfast is served.

@ShadyMutton, @Me1956 , @gammawaif all show up together and crowd into the room.

@VariantVal looks around, puzzled "Where are @JosephLane and @Taby74??"

@oceanchick99 speaks up "We haven't seen them since they left the funeral parlor yesterday afternoon."


The bell on the door rings again as @JosephLane and @Taby74 enter, wearing the same clothes they had on the day before and both looking a little worse for the wear. @JosephLane stares back at everyone looking at them "It's not what you think, really. @Taby74 and I spent the night doing some investigating and found out a few things about this town and some very interesting facts. Let us get some coffee and something to eat and we'll tell you everything."

Will @VariantVal and @Ndege get to keep each other this time??? Is @TheWritersDen finally starting to notice @NatashaHollerup and see that she has feelings for him?? Was there something more to the smile that passed between @BlokesLib and @oceanchick99??? What did @JosephLane and @Taby74 uncover that will have everyone stunned?? We will have to see....


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