Friday, October 23, 2009

Death, Life and Jail

@VariantVal was getting ready to go to @JohnMorrison 's funeral. @Taby74 , @oceanchick99, @NatashaHollerup and @_peanut_ had all rushed over as soon as they heard the news. Adjusting her wide brimmed black hat, @VariantVal looks in the mirror "At least there is something good about funerals, we all look good in black, get to wear hats and @Taby74, you might just meet somebody."

@Taby74 sits back in the lounge chair, compact in hand , putting on more sexpot red lipstick "Oh honey, this is not date night. You just lost your man. How could I possibly even think about hooking up when you're in so much pain?"

@oceanchick99 steps up to the mirror, glazing a bit of mascara on her lashes "@Taby74 , you could pick a man up anywhere! Besides @VariantVal never loved @TheJohnMorrison, you know she loves someone else. Maybe with Mr. Sparklebutt out of the way, she can have what she deserves."

@NatashaHollerup leans against the wall and rolls her eyes , "You guys are all drama, you know. So who is it that you love so much @VariantVal??"

@VariantVal flashes a smile to @NatashaHollerup "Somebody so wonderful this world be lost if it were he that was on that plane."

@_peanut_ stretches out on top of the bed, thumbing through the latest issue of Tweet Fashion, jealousy brewing inside "Why does it even matter?? @TheJohnMorrison is gone, dead, kaput. I have real problems going on with @BlokesLib. Not as if any of you would understand. If @BlokesLib had been on that plane all my problems would be solved."

@Taby74, @oceanchick99, @NatashaHollerup and @VariantVal look at eachother, expressions reflecting the nut job comment @_peanut_ just made. @VariantVal snatches the magazine from @_peanut_ "You know, @BlokesLib is not such a bad guy. You should be thankful you have someone who is there for you when you get home from collecting your bugs. All I have left to bury of @TheJohnMorrison is this pair of bedazzled pants and a pair of rhinestone sunglasses he left and a heart full of love for somebody I can't have. So don't even..."

@oceanchick99 gently grabs @VariantVal by the arm and glares at @_peanut_ "Common hun, don't go getting yourself all worked up. You'll ruin your make up. It's time to go, the limo is waiting."

The girls proceed down the stairs, out the door and into the car to be carried to the funeral home. the Twitterville Cafe.. @JosephLane @TheWritersDen @BlokesLib and @Ndege are grabbing a quick bite before the service..

"With @TheJohnMorrison out of the way, I have a better chance with @VariantVal. I want to marry her so much. Damn she is so hot. How could anyone not want her?? I can't believe I've already offered up 14 cows and still no cigar!!" @TheWritersDen takes a sip of his tea shaking his head.

@Ndege glances to @TheWritersDen a slight smirk on his face "You do realize that she is a Daddy's girl. He will not let her go that easy and neither would I.... if I were him, that is."

@BlokesLib sits eating a fairly large Belgium waffle with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, "You know, if us men were smart at all, we would not even bother with women. Who needs them anyways. All they do is nag, nag nag. Oh and buy shoes. What is with all the shoes?? You only have two feet woman!!

@JosephLane takes a pull on his coffee, "What the hell are you talking about, man??? Not even bother with women??? Are you outta your skull?? I like you cats and all that, but no way am I warming up with any of you on a cold night." But then again.... "everyone wang chung tonight"

@Ndege glances at his watch, "We've got to leave now if we're going to make the service." He stands and puts his suit jacket on. "I really hate these things."

@JosephLane laughs "At least @VariantVal won't be offended with you showing up in your kioki."

@Ndege gives @JosephLane an exasperated look "What?? At least I wore my funeral kioki. It's black and grey, goes with the mood."

The men all leave the cafe without noticing the single lady sitting in the back with her baby. @ggSpirit didn't know if she should show up at the funeral service. It's been too long. She remebers back to the days when she and @VariantVal were close friends. She didn't want to cause @VariantVal anymore grief, but damn she loved @TheJohnMorrison's sparkley pants too. What girl didn't??

Everyone gathers at the entrance of the funeral home as @collective_soul entertains from the lobby......

Sherriff @badwebsites walks up to @VariantVal... "Oh Sherriff @badwebsites thank you for coming" Sherriff @badwebsites adjusts his gun belt nervously " Uh Miss @VariantVal , I am here on business. I'm afraid I am going to have to take you in" @VariantVal goes pale " Wha...what for?? I haven't done anything"

Sherriff @badwebsites turn @VariantVal around and slaps the cuffs on her " @VariantVal you are under arrest for the homicide of @TheJohnMorrison. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one, one will be supplied for you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you??" A tear trickles down @VariantVal's cheeck " I guess."

@Ndege pushes his way through the crowd and walks up to @VariantVal "Don't worry, love. We'll figure this all out. Just don't say anything to anybody. I'll get your lawyer." He stares at her with concern in his eyes.

@VariantVal stares back at @Ndege scared and confused. As Sherriff @badwebsites leads her to the car she begins to sob. Thank God for waterproof!! "I didn't do this Sherriff @badwebsites. You know me, how could anyone think I did this??"

@TheWritersDen stands in the crowd next to @JosephLane and @BlokesLib " And to think I almost wasted all my cows on a jailbird." Thats when he notices her staring at him. A pretty red haired lovely, eyes trained on him. When he looks her way she glances down, caught in the passion stare. @TheWritersDen feels heat building from within.

@JosephLane elbows @TheWritersDen " HAHA man, you were all over a murderess!! Just think you could have been next!! Glad you didn't lose your cows now aren't you??"

@Blokeslib laughs along in the banter " damn if only it had been @_peanut_ then all my problems would have been solved."

Amongst all the chattering in the crowd @_peanut_ stares after @VariantVal with a smirk on her face. She says to herself " I always knew you'd get what you deserve" and gigles softly so no one else can hear.

The only person who notices is standing on the outskirts of the crowd. @ggSpirit watches as @VariantVal is hauled away in the back of a police cruiser in handcuffs. She then turns her attention to @_peanut_ wondering what that bitch was up to.......

@Ndege watches as the police cruiser disappears down the road... thinking to himself: How did they find out so soon?? And what the hell led them to @VariantVal??? Something is just not right here. He looks around at the crowd of people standing there and wonders who would want @VariantVal out of the way???

Will @VariantVal go to jail forever for the murder of @TheJohnMorrison?? or will @Ndege rescue her?? What evidence did the authorities have to arrest her??? Did @_peanut_ set her up??? Will @ggSpirit uncover the facts??? Keep watching.......


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