Thursday, October 22, 2009

That Evening....

Evening came quietly on the tiny little town of Twitterville. Quietly, except in one little corner of DM City where @_peanut_ was letting her boyfriend @BlokesLib have it for his lazy day of doing nothing around the house. "All you do is eat TimTams and drag your hairy knuckles around on the ground!! I am so sick of this @BlokesLib!! " @_peanut_ is even more infuriated by @BlokesLib 's response " I have to spend my time on my beanie collection, dear. You know how important they are to me!! I only have 146, if I don't collect at least 43 more by Sunday, we're doomed!! Everything I do is for you @_peanut_ , I swear!!"

"You are useless!!! What am I going to do??? I work so hard counting bugs, picking them ever so carefully out of the specimen jars, do you not remember how many years I went to school to get this dream job??? Do you not even realize the Lethocerus and Abedus count is way below normal?? We have an environmental disaster on our hands!!! I know this is all PETA's fault too, they've completely stopped the hunting of Horny Toads in the area, now they are eating all the bugs. What do you think they are going to eat when the bugs are gone?? Are your beanies going to save us??? Save the world???"

@BlokesLib pops a couple TimTams and says, with his mouth full, " I really don't appreciate you knocking the beanies, love. They are my very favorite thing in the world!! I know you want me to just hang around the house waiting for you in these bedazzled, sparkly fancy pants. But I just can't do it, love. You want to be @VariantVal so damn much, you make me dress up like @TheJohnMorrison. I'm through with this I tell ya!! Done!! I AM A LIBERATED MAN YOU KNOW!!" with this @BlokesLib grabs his box of TimTams and storms off to the bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

@_peanut_ sighs, shaking her head wondering what she is doing here. She glances out the living room window. Was that movement she saw in the bushes?? She runs to the front door and throws it open and is confronted by @badwebsites dressed in his Sheriff's uniform.

"Howdy, Ma'am, didn't mean to rattle your cage there. We had a report of a peeping @TomYHowe in the area and I was just checking it out. You haven't seen anyone have you??"

"Sheriff @badwebsites, the only one I've seen stalking around my damn yard is you!! I thought you people needed a warrant or something for that?? You can't just go tresspassing like that without telling someone!" @_peanut_ says with more than a bit of frustration in her voice.

"Well Miss @_Peanut_ , like I said, didn't mean to startle you. Just tryin to keep ya safe . If you see anything you be sure to give us a call, ya hear?"

"Sheriff @badwebsites , did you just wink at me?? " @_peanut_ gives Sheriff @badwesites a shy smile.

"Miss @_peanut, you know that wouldn't be a good thing to do while on duty. I'll be seeing you"

"Night Sheriff."

Meanwhile at the bus station across town, the 7:00 from Idaho is pulling in for it's refuel stop. People pile off the bus in droves to stretch their legs before having to get back on for the rest of their journey. All but one long lost lady of Twitterville.

@ggSpirit gets off the last step and takes a look around. She knew she would end up back in her home town, but not like this. Bundling her baby against the cool night air, she heads to the side of the bus to collect her one lone bag. The same bag she left town with several years back. She wondered if all of her old friends and family would be happy to see her or would they turn away???

She would begin to sort through the mess she left behind tomorrow. Tonight all she wanted was a good nights sleep, and not feel the fear she felt from THAT man. When he was around she could never sleep, he always set her nerves on edge. She leans her head down and gently kisses the baby's forehead "It's just you and me kid, but we're going to be okay, you'll see. Mama promises." She holds back the tears forming in her eyes and heads down the street towards the Twitterville Inn.

At the local college, @NatashaHollerup is sitting in the library studying for her writing class. "I've just got to pass this test tomorrow" she whispers to herself. She always pushes herself to be the best, to get the best grades, have the trendiest hair. Her thoughts keep drifting to that handsome face she can never seem to get out of her. She sighs, "focus here girl, and not on him. He doesn't even know you exist." She fights back the sadness that seems to be around more and more lately and goes back to reading.

Hanging out at the card catalog, heartthrob Professor @RoboBoyGeek is chatting up a cute little co-ed about robotics. His eyes keep drifting to the dark haired beauty sitting at the 2nd table studying. He excuses himself from his companion and struts over to @NatashaHollerup's table.
"Hello there, you look like you are having some difficulty ." He sits in the chair next to @NatashaHollerup, he can smell the sweet scent of her perfume and feels a hint of excitement.

@NatashaHollerup's face scrunches up remembering the rumors she has heard about Professor @RoboBoyGeek. She knows he is an international genius in the field of robotics and also an international playboy, so they say. She knows what it is he wants. A small part of her enjoys the attention, but she could never betray the one she loves, even if he doesn't love her back. "No Professor @RoboBoyGeek, I'm doing fine here. Just mulling over some things." Professor @RoboBoyGeek places his hand on @NatashaHollerup's shoulder and leans in close to her ear, @NatashaHollerup tried to lean away, but his hand holds her in place. "Okay sweetheart, but if you need help with anything, and I do mean anything, you just let me know." With that he gets up from the chair and walks to the door, pausing to wink @NatatshaHollerup. She rolls her eyes in return thinking, yeah right.

By 7:00 @VariantVal is ready, matching purple eye shadow, dress and shoes. All perfectly Sparkly in just the right spots. Her cell blares again, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me, don't ya" , "I've really gotta change that tune". Looking at the screen she is filled with excitement, it's @TheJohnMorrison , he must be waiting for her downstairs. She grabs her perfectly matched handbag and starts for the stairs as she flips open her phone. "Hello?" She always pretends like she doesn't know who's calling. "Hey Baby, it's me. Listen, Baby, I can't make it tonight. I had an urgent wrestling match come up, it's for the International Championship. I can't pass this up, Baby. I'm on my way to China right now. I love you babe, really I do. Talk to you when I get back."

@VariantVal sits on the end of the bed and let's the tears roll down her cheeks. Thank God for waterproof!! .........................

This concludes the evening session, let's recap.... Will @_peanut_ and @BlokesLib ever find a way to get together??? Is he really liberated??? What brought @ggSpirit back to town after all these years after vowing never to return?? And who is it that scares her so much??? Did anyone know she had a baby?? Why was Sheriff @badwebsites lurking around the house by the window??? Will @NatashaHollerup get her man?? Or will she surrender to the charms of Professor @RoboBoyGeek??? Is @TheJohnMorrison really on his way to the International Championship?? How can he be such a jerk and leave @VariantVal crying in her room???Will she ever be saved???


Nick the Geek said...

There really is a twitter soap opera. I kinda thought u were joking. Funny and creative, kinda like the twitter ho down.

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